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The Mina Amso Show is here for those who are open to think higher, the ordinary minds who are seeking the extraordinary. Mina Amso offers her unique style and wit in conversations with people of all walks of life. Her demeanour makes the show relatable for the everyday listener.

Mina is an award-winning writer, experienced multi-media journalist and podcaster. Mina Amso has worked in New Zealand’s most remote locations covering stories that wouldn’t normally be covered by mainstream media. Her aptitude for high quality journalism and positive attitude makes for interesting take on news and current affairs.

The Mina Amso Show is here for those who are unafraid to defy limits and change the world. Who are seeking New conversations that trigger a change, that convict and empower.

Powerful Conversations Change Nations. That's What The Mina Amso Show aims to do here. The Show Covers Life Style and Entertainment news including Healthy Eating, Relationships, Personal Growth, Business, Art, Music and Culture.

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What They’re Saying

"I found the episodes of the show balanced and insightful. With so much misinformation out there these days, it is becoming harder to formulate one's own opinion. Now more than ever, we need more informative content with a lens on ethics, morality, science and humanity. The Mina Amso Show delivers on that".

Dr Mo Amso, Auckland

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