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Welcome to my website, it's been one hill of a journey. The Mina Amso Show is ON!

If you told me that I'd be setting up a website for my online show a year ago, I'd be like "hmm, okay, right". But here I am. I hope you like what you see. Trust me, it took me so long to make this website, perhaps it would have taken other people a few hours.

I like things to look good, sometimes perfect, and to my detriment, that means things taking way more time than anticipated. So I am learning that, slowly. I have my very own WEBSITE, I can safely say that it was worth it.

You get to be quite creative using Wix websites, have to say thought that there are a few bugs (no pun intended... wait... or is it?) that drove me crazy in this process.

If you thought you can't do your own website, and that you're not good enough for a special representation, then think again my friend. What you need is a dash of "watch me do it" and a hint of "I don't give a crush" and a lil addition of "Opps, I did it".

These blogs will tell the story behind the story. I will go behind the scenes to show you how I do what I do, and sometimes why I do what I do. Although you can read about that in my About Page So I am looking forward to this journey. I've been off air or off line for about five months now prepping for the launch of season 3. I didn't think it was going to take that long but here we are.

Who am I interviewing on Season 3 on DATING and RELATIONSHIPS? Read the next blog to find out!

(Did I just tease you? ;)


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